The Five Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Salt Lake City

Do you want to spend some quality time with your pet pal out in the sun, but you’re not quite sure where to go? Look no further, as we have compiled a list of all the best parks in Salt Lake to bring your four-legged canine companion to. Whether you enjoy taking them on walks through scenic landscapes, playing fetch on a wide-open field, or meeting up with your friends and their pets to have some fun together, we have got you covered. These five dog parks just may be your new favorite places to frolic and play!

Memory Grove Off-Leash Area at Freedom Trail 

The Memory Grove Off-Leash area at Freedom Trail is a fantastic choice if nature walks and a light hike are up your alley. Whether your dog loves to splash in the creek, make new friends, or simply enjoy the freedom to roam around the trail, Memory Grove has it all. The hike to the creek itself is quite easy, so you can relax as the dogs enjoy themselves and explore the trail, making it the perfect place to come on the weekend or after work to take it easy and unwind. 

For those of you who love to snap pictures of your adorable companions, the area features many scenic spots that will make a perfect backdrop for your photos, especially at sunset. The park itself was established as a memorial for America’s fallen military service members, with markers and a small Greek-style temple erected in 1948 to remember those who died fighting during World War II, yet whose remains are unrecovered. The park is located at 300 N Canyon Rd. and is a great getaway from the bustling city life to enjoy with your pets.

Herman Frank’s Dog Park

If socializing and exercise are your chief concerns, then Herman Frank’s Dog Park may be somewhere for you to consider! You will often find this park packed with people and dogs, making it a great place to meet new people and watch each other’s pets play together. The off-leash area for dogs is entirely enclosed, with walking paths surrounding it for you to relax and watch your dog with the peace of mind that they are safe. 

And for you exercise aficionados, the park features a few obstacle course pieces for your dogs, allowing them to test their limits and exercise with others! Located at 1371 S 700 E, this is a great park to come and socialize. It has a drinking fountain specifically for your pets and poop bags for your convenience!

Cottonwood Park Off-Leash Area

Another great place for you and your canine pal to hang out is over at Cottonwood Park. The off-leash area is fully fenced off, ensuring your pet stays within your reach and sight. For those of you who tend to be a bit shy or just like to spend an afternoon out on your own with your pet, this park is not frequented as much as others, making it the perfect secluded hangout for you and your dog.

In addition to wide-open fields and lawns for your dog to range, play, and scurry about, the park also features amenities for you and maybe some friends to enjoy – such as basketball and volleyball courts, playgrounds, picnic tables, and pavilions – while your dogs are out playing. The park is located at 1580 W North Star Dr. and is a favorite among the locals!

Lindsey Gardens Park

For nature lovers, another great park to bring your dogs to is Lindsey Gardens Park. This park offers great views of the neighboring mountains and is one of the quieter spots to hang out. If you are just seeking some alone time with your pal without being disturbed by others, this could be the place for you. In addition to the off-leash area located on the south end of the park, there is a playground, three baseball fields, and pavilions (reservation only) for you to enjoy with your friends and family should you decide to bring others with you.

The only real downside to this park is that the off-leash area is not fully fenced, so be sure to watch your dog as they play and scurry about the park so you don’t lose sight of them (unless they are trained to stay nearby!). Lindsey Gardens Park is located at 426 M St., on the north side of Salt Lake City.

Parley’s Historic Nature Park

The final park on this list is none other than Parley’s Historic Nature Park, again, another favorite among nature lovers. This park offers 13-acres of leash-free-ranging grounds for your pups, full of lush green grass, and creeks for your pets to play in and splash around. The trail ends with a beautiful pong for you and your pet to splash about, making for a great place to hang out and cool off after a long walk.   

If you are looking for a place to go hiking and have your dog tag along with you, the park features gorgeous views of the mountains and canyons nearby, making for a scenic and photogenic experience for you and your animal pal. If you get thirsty, there are water fountains all over that park for you and your dog to stay hydrated, as well as poop bags for your convenience. The park is located at 2667 Heritage Way and is a fantastic place to escape the city and enjoy nature. 

Salt Lake is full of wonderful parks to explore and bring your pals to for an afternoon outdoors. These parks are fantastic places whether you and your dog just want to enjoy some time in the sun, make friends, or simply get away from the hustle and bustle of the city without having to go too far. 

Just be sure to check the park hours, as they each differ, though are generally open all week (except for Parley’s Historic Nature Park). Other than that, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and enjoy the outdoors with your furry four-legged pal!

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