The Best Fitness Classes to Start Your 2020 Off Right

Want to start the new year off right by getting or staying in shape? Luckily, Salt Lake City is filled with so many fitness classes that you could never try them all—though it might be fun to try. You can pick whatever sounds like fun to you! I’ve rounded up a variety of ones in the area.

Rebel House

Rebel House’s mission is to create a “welcoming and powerful environment” that allows you to push yourself to do your personal best while also giving you the feeling of being a part of a close-knit fitness community. That community encourages you to constantly reach to improve your stamina and fitness level. Devin and Nina Peterson, who both grew up in the Salt Lake Valley, opened this inclusive gym to help you test your physical limits and encourage growth.

To that end, Rebel House has HIIT classes, indoor cycling, and yoga classes under one roof. You can buy an all-access pass for $199 a month, or you can buy class passes in 5-, 10-, or 20-class increments. Plus, you’ll love the convenient Rebel House smoothie bar for some quick and healthy calories after your workout.

Location: 320 West 200 South, Salt Lake City

Pink Iron

Pink Iron is just for women and combines traditional circuit training with high-intensity movements for the best workout you’ve ever had. Every single day at Pink Iron is different, so you’ll never get bored with your workout. They change the stations and the timing, so it’s a totally new experience every single time you come to class. Pink Iron’s fitness community is supportive, determined, and genuine.

You can try out a class for free and buy a pass to take unlimited classes for the first two weeks. The owner is happy to sit down with you to help you figure out what the best membership plan is for you based on your fitness goals and needs.

Location: 3953 S Wasatch Blvd, Salt Lake City


Rideologie classes are described as a full-body dance party on a bike that lasts for 45 to 60 minutes! If you’re new to indoor cycling, the friendly staff at Rideologie will help get you ready to go. They’ll push you but also encourage you to listen to your body when you need a break. There’s something for people at all levels at Rideologie.

You can purchase a series of classes or an unlimited monthly membership for $185. Rideologie has complimentary shoes but has limited sizes, so make sure they have what you need before you show up for a class.

Location: 1155 Wilmington Ave, Suite 200, Salt Lake City


Burn has high-intensity classes for small groups that last an hour. They require you to work on core strength, flexibility, mobility, and endurance at any fitness level. The wonderful thing about Burn is that you get a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost, but they also provide personal training for people who want them. You’ll be able to feel yourself getting fitter and stronger every single day.

Burn has partnered with Rocksteady Body Works to provide many different class options, including classic Pilates, yoga, and Burn Reformer, which is a complete body workout sequence rooted in classical Pilates but that is much more intense because of the extra cardio. Check out all class options here and pricing here.

Location: 4689 Holladay Blvd, Salt Lake City

212 Fitness

212 Fitness offers strength and conditioning with personal coaching. All classes are centered around mental toughness, injury prevention, and having fun! They focus on building functional strength that will help you do all activities more safely while helping you build lean muscle and losing body fat.

212 offers individualized onboarding and a free 7-day trial! Schedule your custom assessment now. Classes are capped at 15 participants, so you’ll get a lot of personalized attention no matter what type of membership you plan on.

Location: 2191 E 3300 S, Salt Lake City

F45 Training

F45 Training offers functional training that mimics or recreates everyday movement. Classes typically involve the use of your full body and multiple muscle groups for building lean, functional muscle. They’re a mix of circuit and HIIT workouts that unify muscle groups and help you perform all activities better every single day.

Get a one-week trial pass to see if F45’s functional training classes are the right fit for your fitness needs!

Location: 1511 E 2100 S, Salt Lake City

Meetup Exercise Groups

Meetup lets you find all kinds of free exercise groups in the Salt Lake area! Meet up with like-minded people for camping, backpacking, running, tennis, tai chi, and more.

City Recreation Centers

Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation facilities offer free weights, cardio equipment, indoor running tracks, exercise machines, swimming pools, personal training, and classes for people of all ages.

Find your closest city recreation center here. Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation facilities have day passes, monthly passes, and yearly passes depending on your needs. There are special rates for families and business who are interested, as well.

Parkour Utah

If you’ve never heard of Parkour, it’s basically described as urban gymnastics. You hop between walls, slide down stair rails, and fly through open windows (how’s that for exciting?). Parkour challenges your whole body to increase your flexibility and balance for a grueling full-body workout. This is impressive stuff.

Parkour Utah has a variety of classes around the valley, and you can even try it out for free at the Alpine Tabernacle or at the American Fork Amphitheater. Check out the full calendar here! Kids’ classes  and private lessons from Parkour Utah are also available.

Whatever your fitness goals are for 2020, I hope this list gives you a good starting place for finding a new place to work out (or a new type of workout)! If you have any favorite fitness classes, will you let me know about them in the comments?

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